TUESDAY 20 OCT 2009 8:36 AM


Newslink, the news aggregation and delivery company, has launched Tradeclips, a new digital media system designed to store, manage, publish and syndicate digital media files.

Tradeclips, described by Newslink as a "YouTube for business" is a natural extension to the existing Newslink service which delivers written content to the desktops of news media outlets. Tradeclips acts as a video, audio, text and picture media sharing site for the communications industries.

Tradeclips’ CEO, James Powell-Tuck said: “Whether you consume or create digital content, the explosion in images and video cannot have gone unnoticed in recent years. The rich experience of online news which uses video, images and text is now common, but managing this content is increasingly causing businesses logistical and financial headaches. If you create digital content, Tradeclips is an excellent store-front which can help you monetise your asset with a ready-made national media audience.”