FRIDAY 26 MAR 2010 9:30 AM


Hallvarsson & Halvarsson (H&H) the Swedish online corporate communications consultancy, is celebrating its 15th anniversary by opening London offices.

The new office has been an anticipated move for H&H, who have long been expected to capitalise on their ownership by King Worldwide. H&H were founded in Sweden in 1995, and launched the H&H Webranking in 2001. King Worldwide bought H&H in 2008 to join their portfolio of corporate and financial communications firms which includes M:Communications, Taylor Rafferty, Capital Precision and D F King.

According to H&H's executive partner, Staffan Lindgren, "We have relationships with many of Europe's largest companies and it is a natural step for us to move closer to them by establishing ourselves in London".

The London office will be run by Helena Wennergren, a senior partner with H&H, who has moved from their Stockholm offices. Her main focus will be strategic advice on online corporate communications – including the H&H Webranking as well as bespoke research and online reporting.

H&H was founded in Sweden in 1995, one of the first corporate online advisors in Europe. In 2001 they launched H&H Webranking, Europe's largest survey of listed companies' web content. H&H Webranking now annually surveys 700 listed companies around Europe.They currently have joint venture relationships with other advisors in Portugal and Italy, but the London office is their first wholly owned international foray.