MONDAY 25 JAN 2010 2:36 PM


CTN Communications, the video production and visual communications agency, has formed a strategic partnership with The Company Agency (TCA), the communications coaching and strategic advisory firm.

The strategic partnership will aim to integrate the strategic communications counsel, message development and executive coaching from TCA with the live events, video and online production experience of CTN.

TCA's leading consultants, Martin Newman and Colin Hatfield and their team have moved into the CTN Media Centre at St Martin's Lane to ensure a seamless service. According to Newman “The bringing together of strategic consultancy, coaching, and production capability opens an exciting chapter for both companies and a new opportunity to add value to the clients we're so proud to work for.”

The two firms have already been working together for the past ten years. Lord Watson, chairman of CTN Communications, said: “The new decade sees a radically changed corporate landscape which offers tremendous opportunity for renewal, recovery and growth. That's why we have chosen this moment to build dynamically on the partnership that CTN and The Company Agency have enjoyed for the past decade.”

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