THURSDAY 9 JUN 2011 9:32 AM


The Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Institute of Directors have launched new guidance on reputation and strategic planning for public relations professionals and board directors.

Focused on how reputation management can be integrated into strategic planning and decision-making, the guidance explains why reputation is a matter for the board – not just in times of crisis, but as part of its ongoing activities.

“Whilst the value of reputation is understood by directors, the board’s task should not simply be concerned with responses to reputational crises, but the reputational impact and opportunity of every strategic decision,” said Jay O’Connor, 2010 CIPR President and author of the guidance. “This short guidance document offers recommendations for directors and those advising the board on how to consider reputation as part of strategic planning.”

The guidance sets out 12 steps on how to integrate reputation planning, including an integrated approach to reputation and risk assessment, ensuring reputation management skills are included in board skills audits and providing training and guidance to board members who may be responsible for responding to reputational issues.

The guidance can be viewed at the CIPR website.