TUESDAY 14 FEB 2012 2:00 PM


With web visits from mobile devices predicted to overtake desktop access by 2014, the mobile web is set to transform corporate communications. However, only 20% of FTSE100 corporate websites provide support for mobile devices and only 35% of these mobile websites use device detection to ensure their mobile content is correctly served to mobile users.

A new report by Magus and Investis analyses the mobile-readiness of FTSE100 corporate websites. The study finds that all of the FTSE100 companies offering mobile support have opted to provide it via dedicated mobile sites as opposed to a responsive web design.

16% of the FTSE100 mobile websites are in the form of mobile mini-sites targeted at investors and journalists – the audience segments most likely to need data on the go. These mini-sites typically cover investor relations information such as news, press releases, share price performance data and corporate contact information, and are updated simultaneously with the corporate website.

The report acknowledges four mobile sites which provide much broader coverage. ARM Holdings, BT, Investec and Vodafone make the majority of their desktop content available via their mobile websites.

The report also analyses mobile content optimisation issues and finds the average number of mobile content optimisation issues on FTSE100 mobile websites to be 4.25 errors per page.

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