TUESDAY 20 NOV 2012 9:02 AM


The Chartered Institute of Public Relations' recent election for the role of 2014 President has been voided by the irregular process in the lead up to ballots being cast. The CIPR will now be ordering a fresh election for the role of President-Elect.

Lionel Zetter had won the first election, beating Miti Ampoma with 54% of the vote. However, in the week following the 24 October election, a complaint was received about the fact that one of the candidates had submitted their nomination after the deadline had theoretically passed. It is believed that Zetter's nomination was late.

In a brief statement issued following its council meeting yesterday, the CIPR said that it had commissioned a report into the electoral process following the complaint. This report concluded that the CIPR's Election Regulations had been breached, in response to which the council voted to order a fresh election.

It is not yet clear whether the two same candidates will re-stand, or when the election will take place. When reached for comment, the CIPR said that further information will be released later today.


CIPR elects Lionel Zetter as 2014 President - October, 2012


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