TUESDAY 12 FEB 2013 2:25 PM


The liveries of London's Air Ambulance helicopter and fleet of six cars have been redesigned by The Clearing. The new design features green and yellow stripes on a red background and the message 'support London's Air Ambulance.' The tail boom details the number of critical missions attended by the medical team which currently stands at more than 28,500.

The move follows the end of London's Air Ambulance sponsorship deal with Virgin requiring the replacement of all-red design with the Virgin logo. The charity is currently sponsored by a number of different partners. The design is intended to raise awareness of the lifesaving work carried out by the charity.

John Hubbard, creative director and founder of The Clearing, said 'It's a combination of strategic thinking and design execution. The helicopter isn't just a flying thing- it's a communication asset.' Graham Hodgkin, chief executive officer of London's Air Ambulance said: 'we wanted to deliver strong messaging around the fact that we are a charity.' 'Our aircraft provides the most effective opportunity for us to deliver our key messages to London and potential donors, hence the strategic new look of our iconic asset.'

London's Air Ambulance provides pre-hospital medical care to victims of serious accidents. It operates 24/7 with helicopters running in daylight hours and rapid response cars taking over at night. The organisation is an independent charity that relies heavily on donations from other organisations and individuals.The Clearing will continue to work with the charity on other projects this year.


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