FRIDAY 24 MAY 2013 1:26 PM


Vivi’s Venture was initially created by a concerned mother of a child with special needs to provide her daughter’s treatment. The charity was founded to offer procedures the NHS does not offer.

In the years since, it has enlarged its scope, particularly with the support of marketing and communications professionals with connections to the organisation. Mongoose Communications in particular supports Vivi's Venture through its marketing expertise, fundraising abilities and volunteers

Catherine Ann Reid, sales director at Mongoose, began working with Vivi's Venture by helping the charity with its marketing and social media needs. Mongoose allowed for Reid to devote time and resources to the project and to the production of its headlining events. Mongoose has existing ties with other charities, but Reid's personal connection to Vivi's Venture encouraged the partnership.

Reid says of Mongoose's support, "They believe it is important to support charity where we canand support on a national level. This was one closer to home with a very personal connection."

Last December, a Christmas Ball was held, featuring live music and fundraising activities. To encourage donations, the organisation auctioned BA World Club Class Tickets, a signed Skyfall Poster, a football signed by Rod Stewart, among other prizes. It ultimately raised £15,000 and paved the way for future events of the same calibre.

The charity has since provided support for the titular beneficiary, Vivi Gregory-Osborne in pursuing a rare treatment, that is not funded by the NHS, for cerebral palsy. Through the communications support of Mongoose and the successful events Reid was able to help run as a result of that, the charity has raised thousands of pounds for Gregory-Osborne medical support.