MONDAY 9 SEP 2013 4:08 PM


The Brand Union has assisted Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies by revenue, in creating a new visual brand identity.

Teams in Singapore, Stockholm, London and New York, alongside digital brand consultancy partner, Digit, were tasked with developing a visual identity that is modern, future-proof and adaptable across all of Vodafone’s markets.

“This has been by far one of the most exciting visual identity projects that we've worked on, engaging the full breadth and capability of The Brand Union's global network,” says Wally Krantz, the agency's worldwide executive creative director.

“Considering the sheer size and scale of Vodafone's operations, and its wide-reaching, international consumer base, we believe this new visual identity talks to each and every individual connected to Vodafone in a more compelling, human and motivating way.”

The selected design, ‘Power of Red’, was a joint effort between TBU’s Singapore and London teams, and uses the bright shade of red that has become synonymous with Vodafone to convey confident energy and a progressive outlook. The flexible rhombus shape that anchors to the Vodafone roundel, is central to the new identity, and will, as it is introduced over the next few months, position Vodafone as a catalyst for corporate evolution, reflecting new developments in the relationships between brands and their users.

“Today, every moment of interaction between brand and user must feel like a real relationship; a consistent experience wherever you are,” says The Brand Union’s client director, Christina Futcher. “Fall short on that authenticity test, and the consumer will not allow you to progress any further.”

Maintaining its belief that ‘experiences form the basis of all kinds of human relationships, and that the strongest bonds form over time as a result of multiple positive encounters’, The Brand Union has spent the last decade collaborating with, and continuously evolving the brand identity for Vodafone.


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