THURSDAY 12 SEP 2013 11:58 AM


Founded in 2007, the TechJPR network includes members from major media and tech organisations such as The Financial Times and Apple; ranging from board members down to account executives, freelancers and interns.

Today it has been taken over by DWPub, who will, by providing full-time resources, build upon what has already been achieved by TechJPR’s worldwide community of media, PR and technology volunteers.

Andrew Lim, TechJPR’s founder, has said that; “DWPub and TechJPR share a passion for bridging the PR/journalist divide. TechJPR has now grown to a substantial network, and DWPub has both the resources and understanding to help the network fulfil its potential.”

DWPub has stated that the company will continue staying true to the spirit of the TechJPR community, and will work closely with members whilst it looks for new ways to provide more for them.

“We understand that these commitments,’ referring to the annual Source Wire Christmas Press Party at the Cheshire Cheese Pub as an example, ‘are not about us – they are about the community they serve; and we take on this responsibility with pride.”

DWPub, founded by Daryl Willcox in 1997 and, under the strapline: “making media communications easy”, works to connect journalists and public relations professionals so as to create opportunities for timely, relevant press coverage.


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