FRIDAY 13 SEP 2013 4:19 PM


Last night at the Hilton Hotel in London’s Mayfair, the investment stage for the 2016 KREOD Rio Trade Pavilion was launched.

The launch was presented as one of the most ‘exclusive’ events of the 2013 business calendar, and provided the opportunity for over 200 business leaders, government officials and media personnel to network and discuss the future of business for Brazil.

Sir Peter Heap, ex-Ambassador to Brazil, stated in his speech that, “Brazil may not have deep roots, but it has strong roots” and that the country “will soon, if it hasn’t already, surpass every other BRIC economy in becoming the food basket of the world.”

The country's economy is diverse, as are the range of opportunities available; particularly in the agricultural industry as well as its allied sectors; forestry, logging and fishing, which account for 5.4% of the country’s GDP. In addition to this, Brazil’s mining and energy sectors are growing on an exponential level, with its oil production industry, and the supporting activities surrounding it, contributing approximately 85% of GDP.

The project aims to promote Brazilian culture and economic potential, as well as to accelerate economic growth throughout the countries involved, by publicising an extensive programme of cross-sector international business events during August and September 2016.

As a fully-functioning, 300m² exhibition space, the KREOD International Trade Pavilion will be used to showcase the world’s most innovative products and services on what it says will be a ‘totally unique events platform’ that will allow businesses and investors to, “Viva sua Paixão” meaning ‘live your passion’ – the country’s Olympic slogan.

In March 2013, architectural designer and managing director of KREOD, Chun Qing Li, and Blackbridge Cross Borders chairman, Alexander Jarvis, joined together to create a partnership. Building on KREOD’s success at the 2012 London Olympic Games and BCB’s growing success in facilitating fdi in China and the UK, they are working to deliver a pavilion seven times larger than seen in London last year to Rio for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games.


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