MONDAY 14 SEP 2015 11:48 AM


A Finnish apparel and footwear sporting goods company has provided a catwalk display featuring live models as well as an event showcasing mannequins to attract investors at its recent London events.

Amer Sports, whose in-house brands include Precor, Wilson and Arc’teryx, have once again pioneered the use of a fashion show to attract potential investors and industry analysts. A similar approach was undertaken by the company for the 2011/2012 season showcase, in which live models appeared on a ‘catwalk’ to display Amer Sports branded clothing for industry professionals in attendance.

Drawing from the success of this innovative approach to investor relations, Amer Sports recreated the fashion-based interactive display at a recent event in their new Acr’teryx store, Piccadilly. Another investor day, also based in London, saw live models replaced by mannequins, but still donning clothing to represent the Amer Sports brand.

Amer Sports have cited this innovative and perhaps unconventional approach to improving investor relations as a way to ensure potential investors and analysts have a complete understanding of the products offered by the company. The varied product line offered by Amer Sports is the key to its continued product innovation, a trait it attempts to portray through events such as fashion shows. Customer focus is also another one of Amer Sports’ main business strategies, reflected in the showcasing of products to be bought and enjoyed by the consumer.

Those who attended the London-based events hosted by Amer Sports earlier this month provided strong feedback regarding the overall achievements of the brand’s aim. A broad overview of what Amer Sports offer was achieved, as well as an indication of what its next five-year growth plan is likely to involve.

The company itself stressed that the fashion show was not just for fun, and instead was intended to provide an insight into the company logic and way of doing business. However, there is no doubt that Amer Sports is approaching investor relations in a way not yet ubiquitous among apparel brands; perhaps a new precedent has been set for future analysts showcases.