WEDNESDAY 7 SEP 2016 5:16 PM


A common worry among PR professionals is that the industry will be rendered irrelevant through the convergence of similar disciplines, such as communications, marketing and journalism. While such speculation is so far unfounded, numerous studies suggest PR must stay ahead of the business curve to ensure it remains impactful for the future.

One such publication intent on ensuring PR remains relevant is #FuturePRoof, which tonight celebrates the launch of its second edition.

A crowdsourced series of 39 essays from 40 global contributors, #FuturePRoof is a must-read for any PR professionals keen to diversify their career and create new opportunities for clients.

Rather than focusing on aspects of the industry called into question by external stakeholders, #FuturePRoof details the opportunities available to PR professionals, as the industry matures.

The publication positions PR as a management discipline, with a clear call for practitioners to be less risk averse, and more willing to diversify their approach towards business models, organisational structures, and stakeholders in general.

#FuturePRoof is curated and edited by agency owner Sarah Hall, who is also running to be president of the CIPR. The book includes a foreword by Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.  

Hall says, "The success of #FuturePRoof shows that public relations practitioners are aware of the direction of travel and are no longer prepared for other disciplines to eat their lunch. The public relations fight back starts here and now.”

Hall continues, "Demand shows professionals want to close their competency gaps in order to provide strategic advice at management level. What's more, the public relations industry is waking up to the fact that if we are truly guiding organisational strategy, it is common sense that other disciplines answer to us within the corporate hierarchy. I expect this narrative to get louder and louder.”

Contributing authors to the second edition include, among many others, PRCA director general, Francis Ingham, current president of the CIPR, Rob Brown, owner of internal & employer branding agency, PROOF, Bea Aarnoutse, and programme director of Taylor Bennett Foundation, Sally Stimson.

For the full list of contributors, click here.

The first edition of #FuturePRoof was launched in October 2015, and secured over 2,500 sales and downloads.

Launch drinks are taking place in London, from 6.30pm, on Wednesday 7 September. Follow @weareproofed or join the #FuturePRoof community on Facebook.