WEDNESDAY 27 APR 2016 3:21 PM


The main function of corporate communications is to oversee an organisation’s media relations and communication strategy, while ensuring the wellbeing of internal and external stakeholders.

However, corporate communications can sometimes be considered too internalised. Although a vital aspect of business, to those outside corporate communications can be hard connect with, or visualise.

Aiming to overturn these preconceptions and diversify the corporate communications landscape is EVCOM, the UK’s main proponent of the live event and visual communications industry.

This year, 28 April 2016 marks the date for the 28th EVCOM Screen Awards 2016. It is an event held to recognise corporate video and screen communications, including live action, documentary and animated styles.

Two of EVCOM’s newest members, Trickbox TV and Chelsea FC, have previously hosted a two-day EVCOM Screen Awards judging panel.

With 25 categories and 50 specialist judges, there are plenty of chances for its array of entrants to take home a coveted EVCOM trophy.

To acknowledge the increasingly integral role digital plays in corporate film, EVCOM has introduced two new awards – Content for social media, and Screen innovation. The previous Grand Prix award has been renamed the Platinum award – the winner will be chosen beforehand from winners of the previous sections.

The event will be held at Lindley Hall, the older of the two Royal Horticultural Halls in Elverton Street, Westmister. Find out more about the EVCOM Screen Awards 2016.