WEDNESDAY 8 FEB 2017 4:39 PM


In England, more than two million people over the age of 75 live alone, yet loneliness in older generations is often a hidden issue. With an ageing population, combating loneliness in later life is becoming more critical to organisations like Age UK, which has released a new campaign to bring this issue to the government and public eye.

Age UK has launched its ‘Leave a Legacy’ TV and online campaign in January to raise awareness about loneliness in the older population. The charity partnered with Arthur London and Royle Productions, a creative advertising agency and film production agency respectively, to create the video.

The powerful one-minute film called ‘When you leave,’ shows two elderly people as they struggle with routine activities we take for granted, such as going shopping and crossing a busy street. Surrounded by passersby, the cinematography amplifies the impact of social isolation on the older individuals’ quality of life. Conjuring a bleak scene, the video aims to strike a chord with individuals who see older loved ones in a similar position.

Although the pair then return to their dark homes alone, the film ends on a more hopeful note with the tagline, “Leave a world less lonely,” encouraging viewers to leave a monetary gift in their will to Age UK. With donations like these, Age UK has been able to provide 1.2m people over the age of 60 with the companionship they need.

Age UK has a defined presence in the UK with over 450 charity stores across the country, and the public is encouraged to get involved by donating, volunteering or participating in fundraising events. It has had successful campaigns in the past which have led to significant shifts in public policy, including the abolishment of the Default Retirement Age and reform to the care system in the Care Act. Age UK continues its fight against loneliness in old age, on both government and public levels, and its campaigns present loneliness as a public health priority and one that is one preventable with the public’s support.