THURSDAY 21 DEC 2017 3:06 PM


In this globalized age, diversity is one of the paramount features that companies face day to day. But, that has caused there to be a growing skepticism among children.

Travel fare aggregator momondo’s global survey showed that only 36% of young people 18-35 year-olds trusted other people, when those over 36 had more then 40% and even 50% of trust for the 56-65 year-olds. Presenting this survey, momondo regarded it as an urgent situation that could effect on the next generation. To tackle this, momondo decided to offer a great opportunity for children to learn tolerance through travel. It partnered with CISV –and international childeren’s charity organization- to sponsor a global school camp to help bring children from around the world, together. The survey also shows that travel can help remove stereotype and change our view on other people. For example, 61 % of respondents believe that there would be less intolerance if people travelled more.

Children from diverse countries gathered this year and spent a month together at the camp in São Paolo, Brazil. They had lots of activities -such as hand painting and physical games- inducing better understand of international diversity and cooperation. Momondo and CISV both believe there is a correlation between traveling and tolerance. Thus, the partnership was well-matched.

Momondo’s perception of traveling helped children understand the idea of tolerance. The company is seeking to make a world in which differences are a source of inspiration and where meeting between people of different cultures create a more profound understanding of who we are. Even speaking different languages and with different cultures, children actually found out that they are just the same as each other. Neil Cartwright, momondo’s UK spokesperson, says, “Children are our future. This is why we are launching this new initiative, which hopefully helps the next generation to be more open-minded. This initiative builds on our vision of breaking down boundaries between people and creating a more open and tolerant world,”