FRIDAY 22 JUN 2018 12:00 PM


While riding on an enormous wave at Nazaré, Portugal in November last year, big wave surfer Andrew Cotton suffered a severe injury that left him with a broken back and an uncertainty of whether he would ever be able to surf again.

Now, American tire manufacturer General Tire has partnered with Cotton for the release of ‘Wavemaker,’ a new video campaign targeted towards UK motorists. The campaign shows Cotton’s journey of recovery and his return to surfing after his injury, encouraging people that ‘anywhere is possible.’

Peter Robb, marketing communications manager of General Tire, says, “It was a real privilege to follow Andrew and his journey back to the surf. His resilience, spirit of adventure and drive to push the limits perfectly align with the values of General Tire.”

General Tire has worked with its exclusive UK distributor, Micheldever, to convey the spirit of adventure through Cotton’s inspiring story and reflect the company’s philosophy of maximum performance, reliability and living life to the full.

Cotton is famous in the surfing-industry, as well as an inspirational figure, with his name among those in the Guinness World Records under the ‘biggest wave ever surfed’ category. The campaign will also include pictures and videos of Cotton in the sea that endangered his life five months ago.

Robb says, “We know that there is a huge community of adventure enthusiasts like Andrew in the UK who need to know that General tire can not only keep them safe on their day to day commutes but also match their own sense of adventure.”

Global communication agency, Initiative, worked with Cotton and his family for the production of the video, capturing his determination to heal and get back to his favourite sport.

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