THURSDAY 17 MAY 2018 11:24 AM


Communications and marketing recruiting agency the VMA Group has released its latest UK Internal Communications (IC) research to coincide with its 40 year anniversary.

Inside Insight, as the report is called, turns the attention to emerging trends, opportunities and challenges within the IC industry. This year, the report has gathered the input of over 670 IC professionals across 23 sectors.

Over the last four Inside Insight reports, a connection between IC and human resources (HR) has been revealed, with an on-going rise in IC teams reporting to HR. Specifically, over 75% of participants consider employee engagement as one of the most important traits for an IC professional, a skill that is vital for HR professionals as well.

Furthermore, the Inside Insight’s results show no improvement in how IC professionals rate their organisations’ use of digital and social media channels, with 70% of IC professionals assessing it as ‘poor’ or ‘average.’ 

Andrew Harvey, executive director at VMA Group, says, “During the launch event there was a general consensus from senior IC professionals that the issue with the ineffective use of digital and social media may be dependent on the IT platforms and resources made available within organisations.”

“As well as that, the level of resources invested in these channels may in fact mirror their perceived value to CEOs and senior leaders. Alarmingly though, the key element that may be holding the IC function back is itself, with a lack of professional development, planning and measurement,” Harvey says.

A lack of improvement over the past four surveys has also been noted to the number of respondents who have had IC-related training in the last year. This raises concerns on whether the IC professionals are equipped to cope with the new digital age. The inability to adequately use digital and social media channels can have a direct effect on employee engagement, with employees feeling out of place and losing interest in their jobs.

Regarding employee engagement, Inside Insight’s result show a significant absence of employee engagement within organisations. Lack of recognition, lack of transparency as well as disconnection from peers can result in employees feeling frustrated and disengaged with their job. That translates to a large number of the staff leaving for a different job in 2018, with most of them moving to a competitor for a minimum salary increase. 

The findings of Inside Insight showcase the integration between IC and HR as developing trend in the business world. With IC and HR working closely, businesses can develop a net of support where employees feel valued and better communication is established between managers and employees.

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