FRIDAY 12 APR 2019 11:52 AM


As the fight for gender equality continues across the globe, one of the most significant areas in need of improvement is the workforce. This is especially true for the technology industry, which is ironic because the cornerstone of tech is being on the forefront of change and innovation, and yet the composition of many tech companies’ staff is alarmingly archaic.

Hotwire, a global communications agency, has revealed through findings from PwC research that 2.1 million people work in the tech sector in the UK, yet only 1.4% are female. Additionally, only 3% of female students studying a STEM subject in school will consider a career in tech.

To curtail this massive imbalance, Hotwire UK is introducing a program for its retained clients which will offer up to two media training sessions for up to three media spokespeople per session, completely free of charge. With more media trained women present in the tech industry, Hotwire believes there will be a greater presence of women in mainstream and social media, which will bring about more visible female role models for current and future tech professionals. This is a crucial development in combating gender inequality in tech, given PwC’s data shows only 22% of students surveyed could name a famous woman in tech, while over triple that amount could name a famous male tech figure.

Adele Breen, director of corporate strategy services in Hotwire’s London office, says, “We believe we have a duty to drive more diversity in tech.  Actively media training more women is a small but crucial step in encouraging better female representation. We hope and expect this will encourage businesses to put women more forward for speaking panels at conferences and events, and interviews in mainstream media.”

While Hotwire has found the tech, industry is passionate about balancing its lopsided staffing, the problem persists. Hotwire’s media training program is a tangible step in the right direction, the effects of which hopefully will be seen soon.