WEDNESDAY 30 JAN 2019 4:32 PM


In an effort to help brands navigate an increasingly hostile social media landscape, ‘Think Forward’ is the 3rd report issued by global creative agency We Are Social.

From conversations around the #MeToo movement and toxic masculinity, to the backlash against fake news and privacy breaches, wading into the murky waters of social media is often a daunting prospect for many brands. For the 3rdyear, the ‘Think Forward’ report aims to unpick the trends and pitfalls that brands have utilised or stumbled over and offers insights into how they might proceed. The report looks at the behaviour motivating consumer activity.

We Are Social identifies nine individual trends online and on social media and offers a step-by-step guide to implementing and integrating these concepts into existing brands. These trends include several hot topics, ‘fake authenticity’, ‘minority impact’ and ‘local legitimacy’ to name a few.

Trend number nine, ‘the right now crowd’ looks into the impact of live video versus pre-recorded content. The report explains that people spend 300% more time watching live-streamed video than a saved video and proposes techniques for brands to capitalise on this craze. For example, in light of its research, ‘Think Forward’ can offer brands practical solutions in response to the data it presents. The report says, “Consider what’s important to your brand and how you can create a groundswell around it with a live moment.”

2018 was certainly a contentious year on social media, and while the risks are significant if brands get it wrong, the rewards are too high for any modern brand not to utilise online communications. Mobbie Nazir, chief strategy officer at We Are Social says, “Despite this changing landscape, brands can still have a voice that speaks directly with consumers, as well as helping to drive cultural change. That’s why this year’s Think Forward focuses on helping brands to understand consumers’ changing sense of identity.”