TUESDAY 7 JUL 2020 4:00 PM


In today's Comms GoggleBox our panel of senior communications professionals comment on reforms to government comms, TikTok becoming more political and Boeing head of comms resigning.


Spin doctors or truth tellers?




"Mixed messages in this story about more reforms to government comms. Televised briefings are a long overdue reform to secretive lobby briefings. I can't see how cutting comms staff (from teams that are already stretched) will provide a more "transparent" government. It's more likely to result in an increase in influence for political special advisers."

Stuart Bruce, Independent management consultant


"Very interesting to see the use of the term 'spin doctors', implying at best that messages and comms recently have been made more catchy and at worst that they have been misleading. Comms professionals should help tell the truth, whereas here it is suggested that the truth can now be told."

Naomi Jones, Suez




"The term spin-doctor conjures up very old style strategy of communication and always tends to have a negative connotation to it. It does a disservice to skill and technical ability of communication professionals. What we have been witnessing throughout the pandemic is a confusing mix of effective and ineffective communication strategies. And yes, bad communication strategies are still prevalent and it’s disappointing when success is solely out in the ‘spin’ category!"

Jennifer Thomas, Communications director



…meanwhile Tik Tok gets political




"Brands continue to take a stance for societal good. Tik Tok is the latest brand to stand against the political issues in Hong Kong. I think we will see more of these types of actions as businesses seek to represent the voice of their customers and employees, displaying their values and morals through business activity rather than just carefully crafted statements."

Jennifer Thomas, Communications director


"As if Donald Trump isn’t polling badly enough in the US, it looks like he wants to give up on the millennial vote altogether by banning TikTok"

Darryl Sparey, Hard Numbers





"Tik Tok move is also strong proof of its credentials and values to the US government which had also considered a ban."

Stephen Waddington, Metia



…and Boeing gets #MeToo-ed




"Boeing is again looking for a new comms head. My initial reaction to the headline about him resigning over a sexist article he wrote was quite right, he has to go. Now, I've read the details I'm not so sure. It was 33 years' ago when he was in the military and the issue of women's service was a contentious issue with no clear consensus."

Stuart Bruce, Independent management consultant