THURSDAY 4 AUG 2022 2:32 PM


Results of a 2021 survey by PRCA and CIPR found 90% of PR professionals had experienced poor mental health

According to a survey conducted by the Public Relations and Communication Association (PRCA) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) last year, 90% of PR professionals had experienced poor mental health at some point in the previous twelve months. 

PRCA Director General Francis Ingham says: “Last year’s cross-industry approach to research and campaigns on mental health was an important step forward for our profession. Progress has been made. But the simple truth is far too many of our colleagues work in organisations and cultures that fail to prioritise employee wellbeing.”

PRCA and CIPR are launching another mental health survey this year, in partnership with Opinium, designed to address mental health challenges in the public relations sector.

The organisations are also relaunching their Heard Mentality campaign, urging leaders to be more attentive to colleagues and encouraging team leaders to hold constructive talks on mental health. Agency, in-house and independent practitioners are invited to host conversations during the week commencing 10th October, 2022.

CIPR Chief Executive Alastair McCapra says: “This is the second year of our working together and I hope that by encouraging discussions amongst colleagues and peers we can see the dial shift and greater proactive approaches taken by business leaders.

“Seismic events dominating the news agenda together with the increased workload due to the industry's struggle to recruit is a dangerous recipe and means those in our industry must work harder than ever before. Creating a culture of support is a first step and one I hope the industry grasps with both hands and takes forward."