TUESDAY 24 MAY 2022 2:00 PM


Online theft of digital content plagues the thousands of content creators making a livelihood off their work. As a solution, Copenhagen-based IndieFrame has been working with Uncle Grey to launch a content tracking platform.

It is estimated that out of the three billion pieces of digital content uploaded every day, more than 85% is stolen from under our noses. It is notoriously difficult to protect content from online piracy, but digital distribution platform IndieFrame is launching a new solution: a platform that allows creators to track their images and videos internet-wide.

Once content is uploaded to the new Copyrighter platform, an invisible watermark is applied with an embedded code. The tracking system allows users to follow their content even after being compressed, cropped, or turned into a screenshot. Users receive an alert if an asset is uploaded online.

Uncle Grey created the platform for IndieFrame to ensure that the millions of creators sharing designs online receive the due payments and recognition for their work. For those making a livelihood off creating high-quality digital content, having digital ownership of their work is vital.

Clara Prior-Knock, creative director at Uncle Grey, says, “We love it when a piece of innovation becomes more than a campaign and turns into a business idea, making a real impact for people in the real world.”

IndieFrame’s founders, Cecilia Valsted and Lars Brask, describe the platform as a “gamechanger” for content creators. They say, “With Copyrighter, we want to help independent content creators get easier and more transparent ownership of their content.”

Copyrighter is free to use, but a premium service with unlimited uploads is also available.