MONDAY 7 NOV 2022 2:40 PM


Only one in four companies are setting targets to address inclusion amid a rise in 'pinkwashing', according to a study.

While companies are more concerned with how they appear externally on LGBTQ+ rights, they are failing to address these same issues internally with employees. This is according to a new study launched by sustainability consultancy Lundquist which shows that, amid a rise in ‘pinkwashing’, only one in four of Italy’s 50 leading companies are setting internal targets to address inclusion.

Recent socio-political developments have compelled companies to publicly address diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) issues. However, although further results from the study show that 56% of companies do have at least one DE&I target, these primarily focus on gender, age, background or geographic origin. LGBTQ+ commitments have been neglected in favour of 'pinkwashing' and blanket statements, and only one in four companies have set targets addressing inclusion. 

Amelie Reuterskiöld Franchin is founder of Afuture, which worked with Lundquist on the study. She says: “We must ask ourselves whether the targets and indicators used are identifying and helping change sector challenges, and the areas where companies have the most impact.”

The study explored the integration of DE&I issues across digital communications, exploring criteria such as covering strategy, policies and communications. Companies involved include Eni, UniCredit, Moncler and Gucci.