THURSDAY 28 JUL 2022 4:13 PM


PRCA’s new Executive Committee is expected to promote a wider understanding of public affairs

The PRCA Public Affairs Board has announced its Executive Committee for 2022/23.  

The new committee is tasked with ensuring transparency, enforcing high standards, and promoting a wider understanding of public affairs and the contribution it makes to public life.

The committee is led by Chair Liam Herbert FPRCA, Chief Executive Officer, Chelgate. He says: “We will continue to campaign for transparency and ethics in public affairs and will call to account issues that damage public confidence.

I look forward to working with the new committee and the wider membership on our broad agenda and to continue our work in promoting the professional careers and opportunities in the industry.”

The committee includes representatives from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the NextGen Public Affairs Group, and people from across PRCA Public Affairs Board membership.

The Executive Committee’s plans for 2022 include publishing a wide-ranging research project exploring the value of public affairs, and overseeing events such as the annual public affairs conference, returning in November.

The full Executive Committee for 2022/23 is as follows:

Alan Boyd-Hall MPRCA, Head of Public Affairs, Grayling
Cathy Owens MPRCA, Founder and Director, Deryn (Wales)
Chris Martin MPRCA, Director & Head of Public Affairs, Ketchum
Chris Rogers MPRCA, Associate Director, iNHouse Communications
Emily Fermor MPRCA, Partner, Hanbury Strategy
Gavin Devine MPRCA, Founder, Park Street Partners
Gráinne Walsh MPRCA, Director, Stratagem (Northern Ireland)
Jessica Goodrum MPRCA, Head of Public Affairs, Hanover Communications
Jo Dalton MPRCA, Senior Account Director, Lodestone
John Morrison MPRCA, Managing Director, Morrison Media (Scotland)
John Rowland MPRCA, Managing Director, Cicero/AMO
Jonathan Andrew MPRCA, Senior Account Manager, Field Consulting (NextGen Public Affairs Chair)
Leon Cook MPRCA, Founder and Managing Director, Atticus Communications
Liam Herbert FPRCA, CEO, Chelgate (Chair)
Mark MacGregor MPRCA, Director, Public Affairs, Hume Brophy
Paul Church CMPRCA, Director, Connect
Paul Gerrard MPRCA, Campaigns, Public Affairs and Board Secretariat Director, The Co-op
Paul Robertson MPRCA, Head of Public Affairs, Big Partnership
Pete Digger MPRCA, Managing Director, MHP Mischief
Richard Hart MPRCA, Director, Cherton (Northern Ireland)
Robert Khan FPRCA, General Medical Council
Kelly McVeigh MPRCA, Head of Corporate Affairs, Open Strategic Communications (Northern Ireland)
Sabine Tyldesley MPRCA, Associate Director, SEC Newgate
Tim Snowball MPRCA, Partner and the Public Affairs Practice Lead, FleishmanHillard
Will Chambré MPRCA, Managing Director, Chambré (Northern Ireland)