WEDNESDAY 13 JUL 2022 11:47 AM


Agency Seeblue is partnering with Digital Poverty Alliance in a CSR initiative raising awareness of digital poverty

Agency Seeblue is helping charity Digital Poverty Alliance raise awareness of the digital poverty crisis in the UK.

Seeblue is working to create a core marketing strategy for the charity, developing videos and campaigns aimed at getting people online.

According to a review published by Digital Poverty Alliance, more than 2.5 million people struggle with the cost of broadband, even prior to the current cost of living crisis.  

“Our mission is to end digital poverty by 2030,” says Elizabeth Anderson, COO of Digital Poverty Alliance. “Technology plays a huge part in society, with education and business relying heavily on key technology on a daily basis.”

As part of their mission, the charity has recently been working with Currys to help families in digital disadvantaged areas across the UK to receive laptops and to get online.

Managing Partner at Seeblue, Helen Brown, says: “As tech sector specialists, we are really excited to be able to use our skills and knowledge to help advance the vision of the DPA to end digital poverty and achieve access for all.”