THURSDAY 9 JUN 2022 4:47 PM


The results of a recent survey on 100 communications agencies across the UK reflect a troubling lack of diversity and inclusion, with 39% of agencies having no employees from underrepresented ethnic groups.

The results from a UK-wide survey on diversity and inclusion within communications agencies, led by digital agency Hallam, show that there is a long way to go if agencies hope to reflect the diversity of the UK’s population.

The results show that 39% of agencies employ no people of underrepresented ethnic groups, 75% of agency leadership teams are 100% white and, while women outnumber men at a junior level, just 43% of senior leadership team members are female.

“I’ve often worked in places where I have been the only person who isn’t white […]” says Hallam Account Manager and Diversity and Inclusion lead, Kiorhte Aghoghogbe. “Those who can effect change are often not making changes, so it’s left to those who are affected to be the trailblazers.”

Hallam teamed with The Agency Collective to launch the survey when they found there was no national benchmark on diversity within agencies across the UK. The survey included over 100 communications agencies, from start-ups to established full-service agencies.

Ellie Hale, Managing Director at The Agency Collective, says: “I have been in positions where I have had to fight tooth and nail to be paid the same as my male counterpart. This simply shouldn’t be the case, and gender equality within agencies needs to be consistently addressed.”

The report offers advice on how companies can improve diversity. These include sourcing candidates from new places, having more balanced interview panels, and looking for people who ‘add to’ the company culture, rather than ‘fit in’.