WEDNESDAY 11 JAN 2023 4:25 PM


A CSR ‘Digital Day’ initiative by BIMA has inspired 43% of female students to consider a career in the digital space.

Digital and tech trade body BIMA has released the results of its ‘Digital Day’ survey, showing that almost half (43%) of female students were considering a career in the sector after attending the event, compared to just 16% prior. The survey questioned 1,200 students before and after Digital Day.

Other key findings show that the percentage of female participants continues to increase each year; between the years 2018 and 2022, female participation increased by 35%. Before Digital Day, 32% of students were uninterested in a career in digital and 43% had never discussed a digital career with their parents; post-event, 27% thought the industry sounded “fun” and 9% would discuss this career path with parents. The survey follows the 11th annual Digital Day event, which took place in November last year.

“After another successful Digital Day, it’s great to reflect on the results and see how students are continuing to engage with the day,” says BIMA managing director Matt Sullivan. “Seeing how we can inspire students – girls in particular - to consider a career in digital is extremely rewarding.

“Next year we hope to return with a bang and introduce a new initiative to engage with the students’ parents and ensure that the inspiration they gain from the day continues when they get home."