WEDNESDAY 14 JUN 2023 10:10 AM


New research reveals a ‘values void’ is disengaging audiences, especially Gen Z.

The vast majority (88%) of people in the UK don’t believe institutions share their values, especially around “benevolence” and “security”, according to new research. Among Gen Z, only a quarter worldwide find their values align with businesses and policy makers, reflecting a global disconnect.

Of millennials, just 28% worldwide find their values align with leading institutions, according to BCW’s ‘Age of Values 2023’ report. Global chief brand officer Rebecca Grant says shared values “become crucial” during periods of uncertainty.

The research suggests values are a determinant of behaviour. Over eight out of ten participants (84%) claim to have a “clear understanding” of their own values. “We are in an era where values are a part of the political, social and cultural conversation,” Grant says.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for businesses, brands, organisations and governments to build lasting connections and drive behaviour by aligning with their audiences’ values.”

Over 36,000 people of varying generations and income categories, across 30 countries, were involved in the research.