THURSDAY 18 MAY 2023 9:31 AM


The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) says MPs are turning a blind eye to “fundamentally broken” lobbying rules.

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has claimed MPs are failing to address “fundamentally broken” lobbying rules. New research by the trade body shows three in four MPs have not mentioned lobbying since the last election in 2019, despite high profile scandals, public concern and a government inquiry.

The CIPR’s ‘The Never-Ending Scandal’ report finds 62% of the public are familiar with recent scandals - such as Greensill Capital – and that such events make 75% of the public ‘less confident’ in the political system, and 44% ‘much less’ confident.

CIPR CEO Alastair McCapra says: “Given the mounting public concern, high-profile scandals, and the number of reports and inquiries – including one commissioned by the Government - calling for reform, it’s not acceptable that so few MPs are actually addressing the issue of lobbying.”

Currently, none of the three main parties is leading on the issue of lobbying, with only 9% of Conservatives, 17% of Labour and 14% of Liberal Democrat MPs explicitly raising the Lobbying Act in Parliament since December 2019. Parliamentary mentions of lobbying average at nine per month.

McCapra continues: “We simply cannot ignore lobbying. As we gear up for the next election, there will be the temptation for MPs to focus on doorstep issues, but they need to remember that lobbying – which sits are the very heart of the public’s perception of MPs – is the issue that will determine if the door is even opened.

“This is an important step to rebuilding public trust and should be right up there with public services, education and the economy.”