MONDAY 13 MAR 2023 11:05 AM


The PRCA has re-launched its climate communications strategy group, reflecting the growing responsibility placed on those communicating climate change issues.

The re-launch of the Public Relations and Communications Association’s (PRCA) Climate Communication Group (previously named the ‘Misinformation in the Climate Crisis Strategy Group’), after being suspended at the end of last year, reflects the increased responsibility placed on professionals communicating climate change issues. Through organising events and conducting new research, the group aims to focus on education and collaboration.

The reset is being used as an opportunity to expand its expertise and introduce more diverse views to the group. A new website accompanies this change, which will act as a hub for communication practitioners to find resources.

“For the last two years, we’ve had a push on misinformation in the climate crisis and we’ve naturally widened the scope of the group due to the enormity of the crisis and indeed the opportunity for us to be part of the solution,” says Laura Sutherland, co-chair and founder of Aura Advisory.

The group is led by co-chairs Laura Sutherland and Rebecca Zeitlin, who will be supported by returning members Chris Pratt and Simon Francis.

“The increasing focus on the role of communication in the climate crisis shines a light on the importance of supporting practitioners with the tools and knowledge they need to be effective counsellors and challengers in their organisations. Our role is critical,” says Zeitlin. “I’m looking forward to building on two years of strong work with Laura, Chris, and Simon and bringing in more expertise to support communicators.”

Upcoming events planned by the Climate Communication Group will be addressing topics such as emerging requirements for climate lobbying disclosure and why environmental sustainability is key for healthcare. Taking part in these events will be representatives from groups such as the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change and The Climate Champions Group.