THURSDAY 26 JAN 2023 12:23 PM


A guide launched by the Healthcare Communications Association offers advice to organisations looking to partner with charities on pro bono projects.

The Healthcare Communications Association (HCA) is encouraging more organisations to partner with charities to introduce CSR initiatives, with the launch of a new guide to pro bono working. The move is supported by CharityComms.

The guide, written by HAVAS Just executive advisor Jennie Talman, outlines the benefits and challenges for all stakeholders involved in pro bono work.  

“Commercial organisations increasingly recognise their responsibility to support the society in which they operate. Pro bono partnerships with charities are one way for organisations to use their expertise to make a real difference and demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility,” says Mike Dixon, HCA CEO. “This is often motivational for employees, clients and shareholders and can provide substantial benefits to the charity partner and their work.”

Alister Sansum, chair of the HCA’s standards and best practice committee, says: “Like any partnership, it is essential that pro bono partnerships are set up and managed the right way from the start, to ensure immense benefits for all stakeholders are delivered.

“This guide aims to help all those involved in pro bono partnerships by highlighting the simple, yet fundamental, principles for successfully working together.”