FRIDAY 31 MAR 2023 11:50 AM


New research finds that internal communicators believe a lack of access to crucial technology is stopping them from getting their message across.

A new report from Oak Engage finds that 37% of internal communicators believe the biggest challenge they face is ensuring their work is valued at an executive level, and 22% of respondents believe this is exacerbated by a lack of access to the technology they need. The urgency of the issue is apparent as almost half (46%) believe poor internal communications leads to low morale and high levels of staff attrition.

The ‘State of IC 2023’ report shows that inadequate technology is highlighted as an obstacle to communicators achieving their main goal, which is described in the report as ‘getting their message to the right person at the right time’.

“Our report shows that 22% of internal communicators believe that the technology that they have at their fingertips is currently not fit for purpose. This is a worrying statistic, and we believe that intranets should be working a whole lot harder for them,” says Will Murray, CEO at Oak Engage.

“Hybrid working is here to stay in some capacity and businesses need to adapt their practices in order for their people to feel motivated and engaged.”

Further recommendations from the report include the necessity of creating a culture of openness and recognition; engaging stakeholders; understanding your audience; measuring the impact your communications has and embracing new technology.