WEDNESDAY 20 SEP 2023 8:10 AM


I Have a Voice has completed its second annual training and internship scheme, designed to support the early careers of young people from underrepresented backgrounds.

I Have a Voice (IHAV) is a social enterprise launched to help people to be more actively engaged in politics. Its second annual training and internship scheme has secured five of its 17 participants with internships with four IHAV partners: Weber Shandwick, Sovereign Strategy, GK Strategy and Grayling. 

The two-week programme is designed to equip young people, from backgrounds that are underrepresented across public affairs and policymaking, with the knowledge and skills to begin their careers in the industry. The programme involves a crash course in in communications, team collaboration and policy research.

Rebecca Deegan, chief executive and founder of IHAV, says: "We are thrilled that the public affairs sector is supporting our drive to ensure that young people from all walks of life are able to access careers in our sector.

“Everyone stands to benefit from widening the talent pool. This scheme puts into action our partners shared commitment to investing time and energy to support young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to access and thrive in a rewarding career."

IHAV trainee and intern Thayeeba Shikdar says: “It has opened many avenues to progress in my careers, as I have gained a foothold for many more interviews in the public affairs, policy, government and public sector. It has helped build a strong foundation for my career as I can present both experience and knowledge of the sector when applying for future roles.”