FRIDAY 12 MAY 2023 3:41 PM


Luminous is launching online event ‘Digital Matters’ to showcase its latest findings on how companies can stand out through investor engagement. This is a promoted news story, sponsored by Luminous.

Design agency Luminous is launching online event ‘Digital Matters’ to offer guidance on how companies can make their investor engagement strategies stand out. The event takes place on 18th May, beginning 10am BST. 

Digital Matters will feature findings from the agency’s recent research into the corporate websites of the FTSE 250’s 40 largest companies. The research explores the priorities and expectations of digital investor relations, and contains insights into how those expectations are being met. Attendees can expect to learn how companies are using digital applications to engage and communicate with investors, analysts and other stakeholders. 

Members of Luminous’ executive team expected to speak at the event are Stephen Butler, investor engagement and ESG director; Paris Mudan, investor engagement and ESG consultant; James Croxford, digital engagement director; and Kay Kayachitch, associate director of investor engagement and ESG. They will be exploring key findings from Luminous’ research, including identity and design, brand and messaging, content, user experience, and a deep dive into AI and the metaverse.

Today’s investment community is looking beyond just financial data when gauging a company’s medium and long-term value. Digital Matters will explore how digital tools can pique the interests of stakeholders and provide crucial insights.

Event attendees will be the first to receive a copy of Digital Matters. Follow the #illumination hashtag to keep up to date with the event.