THURSDAY 26 OCT 2023 4:46 PM


New platform wants to become 'indispensable' to those looking to protect their reputations against misinformation.

After three years in development, platform plans to provide the tools to protect reputations against misinformation.

Designed to be a profile-based network with similar appeal to X, LinkedIn and Facebook, was developed after its CEO and founder, James Mawhinney, faced accusations compromising his business in 2016. “In an era where reputations built over many years can be destroyed at lightspeed, a profile will be indispensable for anyone with a story to tell,” he says. 

“We provide the much-needed ability to engage constructively with media in a safe environment.”

The network aims to equip users with text, video and audio-based capabilities in order to publish stories, communicate viewpoints and ‘correct the record’.

Mawhinney continues: “The network is timely for protecting society from the harm caused by misinformation, especially considering today's fragmented and increasingly divisive media landscape where clickbait, polarised news, and engagement-reliant social platforms can dramatically affect anyone’s reputation."