THURSDAY 26 JAN 2023 2:00 PM


A new report targeting business leaders shows that 58% of workers have experienced poor mental or physical health in the last two years.

A report targeting business leaders shows that more than half (58%) of workers have suffered physical or mental stress at work in the past two years. This follows Blue Monday, the date declared as the most depressing of the year by UK travel company Sky Travel, which took place on 16th of January. 

Further key findings from Oak Engage’s Mental Health in the Workplace survey, launched in partnership with suicide prevention charity If U Care Share, show that 39% of survey respondents have experienced anxiety, stress or depression as a result of “contradicting beliefs” with their employer. Half of remote workers claim to be suffering from loneliness.

The survey involves respondents from across nine different industries. In the IT and education sectors, “pressure and/or expectation” is the cause of burnout for a third (33%) of people. While 67% of healthcare workers believe their job has significant purpose, this figure is just 20% for those with jobs in retail and hospitality. The report also includes advice from five proclaimed experts in the mental health space. 

One contributor is Matt Heller, founder of Performance Optimist, who says: “Purpose will be different for every person. Managers have to speak to every employee to understand this.”

Oak Engage CEO Will Murray says: “Conversations around workplace mental health are not straightforward and it’s important that we recognise this.

“By looking in-depth at all the potential drivers and how they affect workers in certain industries, we can begin to have frank conversations about how businesses can best combat the issues that are pertinent to them. This is something the report covers in detail.”