MONDAY 8 APR 2024 4:08 PM


Boldspace Film will be led by data and analytics, according to the agency.

Boldspace has announced the launch of its new film department, Boldspace Film, hoping to provide “top-to-bottom production” for clients.

The new film production arm will be complimented by ‘CineSense’, a platform which monitors engagement, views, eye tracking and emotional response. The agency hopes this will enable the team to “swiftly adapt, enhance and optimise content, ensuring sustained impact and ROI for clients.”

Boldspace Film, led by Tom Franz, is launched in partnership with Orillo Films.  

Nick Ford-Young, co-CEO of Boldspace, says: “At Boldspace we believe in crafting purposeful content and delivering it with intelligence. Our new Film department embodies this ethos, positioning us at the crossroads of strategic creativity and production prowess.”

Keenan Foley, executive producer at Orillo Films, says: “We have been incredibly impressed with the rapid growth of Boldspace over the last four years with their blend of creativity and technology, and having worked together on many successful projects we are extremely excited to partner more closely to consistently prove the value of our work.”