WEDNESDAY 5 JUN 2024 11:00 PM


A day filled with discussion and debate at DataComms Live was wrapped up with a sparkling awards evening, where our winners received the recognition they deserved for exceptional work.

This year’s winners of Communicate magazine’s DataComms Awards have been revealed at a sparkling ceremony held at The May Fair Hotel, London. Following our DataComms Live conference that took place during the day, the evening was a well-deserved celebration for those using data to embolden their communications strategies.

The DataComms Awards shines a spotlight on those incorporating data – and all its wide-ranging applications – to inform corporate reputation, brand definition, social media and PR strategy. Our entrants this year exhibited an extraordinary level of creativity and commitment, resulting in a range of fresh-feeling campaigns making a tangible impact. 

This year, our judges marvelled at how insights from data analysis have been carved into stunning immersive experiences, sharp crisis response strategies and storytelling that has audiences hooked. Among those taking home a Gold award include Novartis and Commetric for the Novartis Pavillon, which turned the power of data into a bustling social hub which hosted data-driven exhibitions enjoyed by thousands of visitors.

Arriva Rail London was also on track for a Gold award for its work with 106 Communications, using data to cut through to its audiences. Insights from compiled data helped the company to curate a new intranet with improved access and functionality. Our Grand prix winner, SC Johnson and Conservation International’s ‘The Blue Paradox,’ in partnership with Ogilvy, Radical Media and Set Reset, is a simulation that showcases the beauty of data while bringing the threat of plastic pollution to life.

The complete list of winners is as follows:


Best data insight from a communications campaign (one-off)

Gold – Aramco

Silver – Clarivate – Top 100 Global Innovators

Bronze – PwC Ireland and Ruepoint


Best data insight from communications activity (ongoing)

Gold – TELUS and Onclusive

Silver – Aramco

Silver – Bowen Craggs

Bronze – Banana Moon Day Nursery Franchise and Denfield

Bronze – EC-PR


Best data insight from an integrated campaign

Gold – Novartis and Commetric

Silver – Clarivate – Citation Laureates

Silver – VisitBritain and Commetric

Bronze – Allianz and Ruepoint

Bronze – Honda Europe and CARMA


Best real-time response

Gold – Merlin Entertainments and NewsWhip

Silver – Harvester and OneFifty Consultancy


Best media coverage impact assessment

Gold – Honda Europe and CARMA

Gold – TELUS and Onclusive

Silver – Smart Energy GB and Echo Research

Bronze – Allianz and Ruepoint


Best data-driven competitive intelligence

Gold – Sage and OneFifty Consultancy

Gold – Wellesley and Denfield

Bronze – PwC Ireland and Ruepoint



Best use of data to assist reputation management

Gold – Aramco

Gold – DP World and Echo Research

Silver – KPMG and Onclusive

Bronze – A Data Pro

Bronze – Merlin Entertainments and NewsWhip

Highly commended – Bowen Craggs


Most innovative use of data

Gold – Clarivate – Annual G20 scorecard

Gold – Hendy Group and Denfield

Silver – GoodShape and 3THINKRS

Bronze – GSK with Hill & Knowlton and Set Reset

Bronze – TELUS and Onclusive

Highly commended – Merlin Entertainments and NewsWhip


Best data-driven corporate storytelling

Gold – GoodShape and 3THINKRS

Gold – Renewi and Wardour

Silver – Honda Europe and CARMA

Silver – KPMG and Onclusive

Bronze – Aramco


Best data-driven corporate reporting

Gold – Renewi and Wardour

Bronze – Merlin Entertainments and NewsWhip


Best data-driven internal communications

Gold – Arriva Rail London and 106 Communications

Silver – Aldi and Citypress



Most innovative format to display data

Gold – SC Johnson and Conservation International with Ogilvy, Radical Media and Set Reset

Silver – Clarivate – Top 100 Global Innovators


Best interactive data display

Gold – GSK with Hill & Knowlton and Set Reset

Silver – Aramco



Grand prix

Winner – SC Johnson and Conservation International with Ogilvy, Radical Media and Set Reset