MONDAY 4 MAR 2024 4:08 PM


New guidelines touch on AI, workload management and the safeguarding of ideas.

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) launched its new Client Consultancy Partnership Charter on Friday. Since last updated in 2013, AI has been incorporated into the Charter for the first time. 

Issues included in the new 11-point Charter are efforts to improve the protection of sensitive information, the protection of original ideas, workload management, the protection of sensitive information and the incorporation of AI into strategic planning. PRCA chief executive James Hewes says the new changes align with “considerable feedback."

Members of the PRCA are encouraged to abide by the Charter when working with clients, freelancers and other stakeholders. Those that publicly commit to the guidelines will be recognised through receiving a Charter Mark.

Hewes says: “The original Charter was developed to be mutually beneficial for PR agency and client alike. We have updated the Charter, in line with considerable feedback from within our industry, so that it reflects modern best practice – but it remains true to the original concept: that consultancies and clients that work effectively together build longer-lasting and successful business relationships.”

Senior agency figures have shared their thoughts on the new Charter. Alex Silcox, Hill & Knowlton chief client officer, says: “We welcome the updated Client Consultancy Partnership Charter.

“The pace of change in our industry, driven by scaling technologies and shifting cultural and social headwinds, continues to challenge as well as inspire.

“The importance of true partnership as we help our clients innovate for growth, manage risk and protect reputation can’t be overstated. And that partnership is always stronger based on mutual respect, transparency and understanding – all aspects the Charter helps champion and protect.”