FRIDAY 19 APR 2024 8:29 AM


The communications agency wants to ‘reimagine Britain’s future’ with its new book 'Renewal', which will feature essays from industry professionals.

Communications agency Wadds Inc. will be will considering economic and social trends from the perspectives of corporate communications and public relations professionals in its new book 'Renewal', hoping to help shape future policy decisions.

Renewal will comprise a series of essays which are currently being crowdsourced from across the PR industry. Topics to be explored include arts, culture, education, environment, technology and work.

“Britain is at a critical juncture," says Wadds Inc. founder and managing partner Stephen Waddington. "In the aftermath of the Brexit and the pandemic, the nation has experienced a decline in its global influence, authority and credibility.

"Futures and foresight work, stakeholder engagement and public affairs are our forte in corporate communications. We want to explore where Britain should focus its attention and why.”

In a blog post on Wadds Inc.’s website, Waddington calls corporate communications and PR professionals “the eyes and ears of organisations” and emphasises the industry's responsibility to help frame public policy.