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Brittany Golob Brittany Golob
Editor in chief
Communicate magazine


Keynote: The transformative power of data

Data is an essential part of any organisation’s strategy, regardless of size of sector. But, it also poses a significant risk if managed poorly. Data should be better understood by board-level leaders and communications professionals, alike. Emma Thwaites will share insights into the ways in which companies can build greater trust in data. She will also discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact a misunderstanding of data has had on people’s lives and the economy more broadly. Whether it's through an internal cultural shift, a development of capability or a better understanding of the responsibility of data holders, companies can transform their reputations through a better use of data. 

Emma Thwaites Emma Thwaites
Director of publishing, engagement and culture


Data analysis and reputation management

A company’s reputation is its most valuable asset. It must be painstakingly developed and carefully managed. Data has become a key player in this challenging task. It can offer insights into a company’s reputation and the way that organisation is perceived by customers, other business and investors alike. How can company’s better manage and understand their data to improve their reputations? This session hears from communications professionals as they explore the opportunities of technology, AI and data management tools.

David Benigson David Benigson
Signal AI

Bieneosa Ebite Bieneosa Ebite
Group deputy head of corporate communications

Meglena Petkova Meglena Petkova
Managing director, digital strategies
Finsbury Glover Hering

Supreet Thomas Supreet Thomas
Head of communications


In depth: Capitalising on employer brand

When developing a new employer brand strategy, most HR and communications professionals will turn to data to understand their audience. For Tonic, integrating behavioural science into their strategic approach allows for more effective employer brands. By understanding how a target audience really thinks about and acts toward a business, an employer brand can contribute to a more positive corporate reputation. In this session, Mark Horley and Tom Chesterton, founders of Tonic, will discuss the ways in which behavioural science can be used to craft a stronger employer brand.


Tom Chesterton Tom Chesterton
Chief executive and co-founder

Mark Horley Mark Horley
Chief creative officer and co-founder


Who owns data? The debate

Much like digital communications, data collection, management and analysis can sit across any number of internal stakeholders or teams. Who plays the important roles in data strategy? This session will feature PR, digital and technology communications professionals as they discuss the challenges of pigeonholing data and the opportunities posed by collaboration.

Mike Robb Mike Robb
Managing director

Amr Elrawi Amr Elrawi
Director, marketing strategy

Stanislas Magniant Stanislas Magniant
Digital communications director
The Coca-Cola Company




In depth: From zero to hero

After a change in ownership, Refinitiv had to translate a market-leading position and excellent SEO to its new brand. In carrying out ‘an SEO person’s dream,’ James Rowland and his team had to redevelop the company’s website, its SEO approach and its data management strategy. In this session, he’ll explore how Refinitiv achieved success, and how it is approaching the next phase in its corporate journey.

James Rowland James Rowland
Digital performance director


Creativity and data visualisation

There’s a lot of data out there. But, without context it doesn’t have meaning. How can data visualisation contextualise data and contribute to a company’s narrative? This session will examine the organisations delivering excellence in the translation of data to art. Speakers will discuss data analysis and design as well as storytelling techniques to craft data with meaning.

Caroline Beavon Caroline Beavon
Information design, infographics and data
Caroline Beavon

Barbara Hahn Barbara Hahn
Founder, design lead
Hahn+Zimmermann GmbH

Phillipa Proctor Phillipa Proctor
Head of visual identity and content creation


In depth: Content and social demographics

Expanding a company’s social reach requires a coherent research process and a capable understanding of the resulting data. What can social tell a business about its reputation? How should it adapt its digital communications strategy as a result of this insight? This session explores the ways in which companies can work with social media, existing communities and online content to improve their corporate reputations.

Jonathan Jessop Batty Jonathan Jessop Batty
Head of content and storytelling, Europe


Closing remarks

Brittany Golob Brittany Golob
Editor in chief
Communicate magazine