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Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
Communicate magazine


Unrealised potential: Why today's company data use is falling short

Despite rampant claims of immense progress towards data driven CRM and personalisation the reality is falling short. With the exception of a notable few (which will be explored in this session,) we have not seen the panacea that many anticipated.

Perhaps organisations are having the wrong conversation, focusing first on the technology and secondarily on the people and processes.

In this session, Mark Evans, media pundit, podcaster and data-driven corporate advisor looks at the good, the bad and the ugly to bring into focus some success factors to living up to the data dream.

Mark Evans
Advisor, coach, trustee and marketing society honorary fellow


How communications leaders are bringing wider understanding to management decisions

Balancing business and societal imperatives is front of mind for organisations. An increased focus on corporate purpose and social responsibility creates tension for corporate communications and management.

A recent publication by NewsWhip and Wadds Inc., titled 'Influence through Insight,' examines the role of public relations and corporate communications in supporting management with planning and decision-making through data insight.

This session explores how a data-led perspective is helping organisations understand a wider stakeholder perspective, balance business and societal concerns and shift from an operational cost function to a value creator.

Sarah Brown Sarah Brown
Global head of external communications
Merlin Entertainments

Georgie Cade Georgie Cade
Head of communications
University College London

Paul Quigley Paul Quigley

Stephen Waddington Stephen Waddington
Managing partner
Wadds Inc.


Communicate roundtable discussions

A dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Engage with industry leaders and fellow attendees in interactive sessions designed to foster deep insights and meaningful conversations on all areas of data communications, data insight and data use.


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How measurement and evaluation is transforming brand reputation and strategy: A Honda case study 

How are big brands leveraging measurement and evaluation techniques to improve their market position? Learn about Honda's journey from fragmented PR measurement efforts to a cohesive, data-driven approach. This case study, presented by CARMA’s Insights consultant Jennifer Sanchis, will showcase how transitioning from traditional metrics to advanced evaluation frameworks can lead to exceptional reach and engagement. 

Jennifer Sanchis Jennifer Sanchis
Insights consultant


Predicting, measuring and monetising brand asset value

Elspeth Cheung is a globally recognised leader in measuring and validating the financial performance of investments in a company’s most valuable intangible asset – its brand. Brand is a critical business asset on the balance sheet. Predicting, measuring and monetising the impact of that asset is what makes brand strategy more certain. Elspeth explains how Landor's proprietary BAV methodology does just that.

Elspeth Cheung Elspeth Cheung
Director of brand commercialisation 


How iQStudent leveraged data for communications and marketing success

How do you marry effectiveness with creativity in data-driven corporate communications strategies? This session centres around the practical application of insights from iQStudent, a private student housing company backed by Blackstone.

The challenge for iQStudent was to measure what matters to the business – how do you link communications outputs to business goals. Heather McKim, Head of social and content for iQStudent and Alex Pearmain, co-founder of OneFifty Consultancy will cover measuring business-centric metrics, attributing marketing impact accurately and establishing feedback loops for campaign refinement.

Heather McKim Heather McKim
Head of social and content

Alex Pearmain Alex Pearmain
OneFifty Consultancy


Communicate roundtable discussions

A dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Engage with industry leaders and fellow attendees in interactive sessions designed to foster deep insights and meaningful conversations on all areas of data communications, data insight and data use.


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Airbus' journey to data-driven reputation management

Airbus teamed with Caliber to launch an initiative that it hoped would strengthen its brand and reputation management efforts, while promoting its new purpose-driven approach to communications. This initiative won two Golds at last year’s DataComms Awards and since then Airbus’ communications strategies have evolved to reflect data findings, with an increased focus on issues such as ESG. Caliber’s CEO Shahar Silbershatz shares how the transition from annual report reporters to real-time data analysts with company-wide, 24-hour access has proved to be a gamechanger for Airbus.

Shahar Silbershatz Shahar Silbershatz


Data protection: Beyond the headlines

The role of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is to empower people through information – from how people share their information to how organisations use information to transparency in public bodies. Its responsibilities include overseeing the Data Protection Act, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Freedom of Information Act.

So how do you make that interesting?

Dave Murphy is head of media at the ICO. Over the past five years he has linked the work the ICO has done to David Beckham, Eurovision and Taylor Swift. He has garnered wall-to-wall media coverage following data breaches involving the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Royal Family and run campaigns on the data aspects of domestic abuse and period and fertility apps. The ICO’s recent Help Gran Stop Spam campaign targeted friends and family of people affected by predatory marketing calls, winning awards along the way. 

Murphy will share how he has made data and data protection interesting, providing an insight into how the ICO engages audiences with data beyond conventional narratives.

Dave Murphy Dave Murphy
Head of media
Information Commissioner’s Office


The art of visual storytelling with data

Data visualisation is more than creating bar charts and graphs, it's about turning data into meaningful experiences that enhance knowledge. In the age of the short attention span, design needs to bring data to life in new and unique ways. Valentina D’Efilippo is an award-winning designer, creative director and author.  Her blend of creativity and storytelling, will inspire you to elevate the presentation and communication of data-driven insights. In this session Valentina will illustrate her approach to fostering understanding, connectivity, compassion, and action through data design and will share some principles and tips that you can bring back into your work.

Valentina D’Efilippo
Apostrophe One


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Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
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