Date: 26 February 2013


Venue: Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London Bridge, London, SE1 9DD.


Nearest tube station: London Bridge (2 minutes walk)


If you have any questions about this event, please contact Liz Foggitt or Hannah Hodges or call 020 7498 7008


 and use #TabletTales to tweet about the event.


Registration and payments


We take PayPal payments  through this site, once you complete the booking form you will be  redirected to the PayPal secure transaction site. If you would prefer to  pay directly by credit card you can call Liz Foggitt or Hannah Hodges  on +44 20 7498 7008. Payment must be recieved within 10 days of booking.   Payment must be made prior to the event in order for a conference pass  to be issued. Conference passes are £75 each unless you register for an annual subscription of Communicate magazine on your iPad - and passes then cost £60




Registration Fees: conference fees are payable in advance of the event. Entry is not  guaranteed without payment. fees. The conference fee includes entry to  all events outlined in the conference programme. The fee does not  include accommodation, non-conference related meals, travel or other  attendee expenses. 


Non-Profit Rate: We  have a reduced rate for non-profit organisations such as NGOs,  government and academia. The non-profit rate is at the discretion of the  organisers and evidence may be requested.


Volunteers: We have two  or three volunteers at each event who help with general conference  duties. These are normally post-graduate students, specialising in the  area of the conference. If you would like to attend for free as a  volunteer please get in touch with Hannah Hodges


Cancellation: If you  cancel at least 20 full working days before the event date you will be  charged a 15% cancellation fee. No cancellations can be accepted after  this date and full payment is due. Substitutions are welcome at any  time. 


Content: It may be  necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organiser to alter the  content and timing of the agenda or the identity of the speakers.