WEDNESDAY 12 NOV 2008 2:17 PM


Formal qualification launched for new entrants to internal communications.

The British Association of Communicators in Business (CiB) has created the Diploma of Proficiency in Internal Communications to establish a “recognised professional development path” for all practitioners.

The new course comes in response to growing demand within the industry. The CiB said that it had received “feedback over several years” calling for recognised qualifications for internal communications professionals, to put them on a similar professional footing to those in human resources, public relations, marketing and other major business areas.

“Internal communicators have a raft of tools and approaches at their disposal but an independently recognised qualification will give them the skills and confidence to use them effectively,” said CiB education and accreditation director Steve Doswell. “It will also help to increase recognition of and respect for the internal communications function.”

According to the CiB, there will be four distinct levels of accreditation. The new Diploma of Proficiency in Internal Communications - Level 1 is the first to be developed by the association. It is the result of work by industry bodies including CiB and The Work Foundation to draw up an internal communications knowledge and skills matrix.