After 23 years of being DRPG's director of digital, Ben Wallace moves onto director of media. More than two decades in the field have given him invaluable insight, which he shares here with Communicate magazine. Among other things, Wallace discusses the changes he has observed over the years in the digital field, the challenges communications face, and how even the digital can be sustainable and eco-friendly.

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Gay Flashman discusses what the sophisticated nature of fake audio and video means for a communications strategy.
One of the insights garnered from the past three years of the Corporate Content Awards has been the ways in which the use of content has changed to suit the needs of storytellers. Whereas the first winners list featured those with excellent print or written content, this year, it has been audio that has excelled.
How do you make sure your brand story doesn’t fizzle out after launch? By helping everyone in your business – from chatbot to CEO – tell your story well, says Kit Cooper. Bladonmore is shortlisted at this year's Corporate Content Awards.
Every time you browse the internet, stream a television series, use social media or log in to your internet bank, a process starts in a data centre. If that data centre is a powerhungry, coalfired one you are contributing to climate change – most likely unknowingly, says Fredrik Jansson. Digiplex has been shortlisted in the 2020 Corporate Content Awards.
Podcasting is the future of corporate content, says Des Paul. Want Some Media is shortlisted at the 2020 Corporate Content Awards.
Ongoing campaign Pension Power gets a sparkling update in its Strictly-inspired 2019 campaign. MyCSP is nominated for its work on behalf of the Cabinet Office at the Corporate Content Awards.
Corporate reputation relies on great content, says Claire Southeard from Lansons. Lansons was shortlisted in the ‘Best content campaign to assist with reputation management’ category at the Corporate Content Awards.
Brexit has overwhelmed the media, thereby making it more challenging for PR professionals to do their jobs. Katie Finn explores the ways in which PRs can work through the Brexit blockade. Babel is shortlisted for the 2020 Corporate Content Awards.
Ignoring disabled people in your marketing and communications means missing a multibillion-pound trick as Emma Gardner explains.