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Amsterdam-based hotel chain the Student Hotel, an urban generator that partners with cities to create new communities based around co-living, student life and hotel accommodation, completed the first phase of its digital transformation programme resulting in a new website


From conducting research reviewing one hundred FTSE-listed company's YouTube channels, Stuart Stubbs explores the lessons from some of the biggest names in the world.
The validity of our messages and the ability of our audiences to understand, act on and, ultimately, believe our messages is in a constant state of flux. The reality is that numerous external factors, beyond the control of the communication professional, are constantly warping, eroding and reshaping audience belief in communications, writes Callum Gill.
Let’s ensure our companies and brands really want to contribute and that we are involved in developing commitments that strike the economic, social and environmental balance, says Naomi Jones, communications and marketing director at Suez.
The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic gives no signs of stopping, and many of the changes it has brought are irreversible. In this climate, business who want to succeed, cannot apply a 'wait and see approach.' Will Painter, founder and CEO of PR consultancy WP Communications, discusses how businesses must re-model to adapt to this current environment and thrive in a 'new normal' by championing a strong brand and investing on external communications.
Addressing the use of print and digital in corporate content at the 6 October Corporate Content Conference, Claire Oldfield from Wardour discusses the consultancy's research into format and content effectiveness.
As the world prepares for 2021, it begins to acknowledge that Covid-19 is an ongoing reality, rather than the short-lived 2020 crisis. Laura O’Connell, head of corporate & capital markets UK at international business communications consultancy Instinctif Partners, explores how businesses can respond to this crisis as corporate communicators focused on protecting reputation.
Corporate communicators can more easily integrate 360 degree content into their content strategies. Are businesses missing a trick by not engaging with this technology? Vismedia's Jonathan Sedger discusses.
Alistair Robertson, head of creative strategy at visual storytelling studio Nucco Brain, explores why the more creative and compelling organisations' messages are, the more effective they are at cutting through the 'noise' and attracting audiences' attention.
A cyber-attack has always been a tricky communications moment to navigate, but how have things changed now that we find ourselves in a state of almost permanent crisis? James Melville-Ross, senior managing director of strategic communications at global business advisory firm FTI Consulting ,explores the different means with which companies can communicate through a cyber breach at a time of general crisis.