TUESDAY 24 FEB 2009 12:37 PM


Business leaders believe now could be best time to refresh corporate image

Rebranding could play a key role in helping large businesses to weather the recession, according a new study by branding consultancy the Principle Group.

Of the 250 marketing directors questioned, 65% saw a brand refresh as a positive way for large organisations to demonstrate commitment to customers and stakeholders, while 85% felt design will play an important role in generating a recovery for some, or all, brands.

A successful rebranding was seen by 64% as a route to gaining a competitive edge in a downturn. Similarly, 56% believe a downturn could be the best time strategically to rebrand. However the report also issued a warning to the design industry with three quarters (76%) of respondents complaining that designers should be more effective in communicating the potential of design. According to 8% of these, designers need to work to understand marketplace and client requirements better.

In early February this year, Citroën demonstrated just the approach recommended by the report when it unveiled a new brand identity developed by an in-house team in partnership with Landor Associates Paris.