FRIDAY 13 MAR 2009 1:59 PM


Intel, Cisco and Starbucks only companies to make the list every year for the past decade

A list of the top 100 corporate citizens has placed pharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers-Squibb in first place just ahead of IBM and snack food manufacturer General Mills.

HP’s appearance at fifth place is also notable given the impact to its public profile in the aftermath of chairman Patricia Dunn’s resignation in late 2006.

The list, issued by CRO magazine, and compiled from publicly available sources has been running for 10 years. In that time only three companies – Intel, Cisco and Starbucks - have made the top 100 every time.

Bristol Myers-Squibb’s position at the top of the table comes despite the company agreeing to pay $516 million to settle claims of improper pricing, marketing and sales practices in 2007.