FRIDAY 27 MAR 2009 10:25 AM


Communication directors are talking to the media more than they were last year despite budgetary cuts, says a new survey.

Independent research commissioned by media training company Electric Airwaves shows that directors are generating and responding to a markedly greater number of interview requests than they were 12 months ago, despite seeing their resources slashed.

The survey found that 73% of respondents said their organisation was undertaking more trade, national print or broadcast media interviews than it was 12 months ago, with national print and broadcast media being especially more active in seeking interviews.

And not only are directors delivering more media coverage, they are doing so with less resource: 33% of respondents reported that their communications budgets have been or are being frozen and 53% said they have been or are being reduced.

This growing desire to communicate with the media has been a boon for the media training industry. Electric Airwaves, for example, reports that it is “busier than ever”.