THURSDAY 3 SEP 2009 1:04 PM


How important is a font to a firm’s brand identity? Very, if the reaction to Ikea’s change of font is to be believed.

The Swedish firm has changed its global font from Futura to Verdana, and the reaction among online design forums and ‘typomaniacs’ has been overwhelmingly negative.

“It looks less suited to a Swedish company founded on original design, and a bit more like a company you wouldn't think twice about,” said Guardian design commentator Simon Garfield. “Verdana is linked to something modern and frequently reviled: Microsoft. It is one of the most widely used fonts in the world, and people who care about these things dislike the way our words are becoming homogenised.”

It seems that the decision to switch fonts has been made for economic reasons. Ikea spokeswoman, Monika Gocic, said that Verdana was chosen because "it is more efficient and cost-effective".